Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 ways to reduce your mobile data usage

hye guys..good aftenoon.just want to share with u how to reduce our mobile data usage. sometime time tgh saving aku slalu je beli data rm1 per day but tbe2 totally habis. After that,ak aplikasikn tips2 d bawah just for minimize data usage. so pd yg nk save cost tu bleh aplikasikan :)

1)      Keep data off by default
This is a no-brainer for most, but some still forget to do it. Keep your phone’s data connection disabled by default, and only activate it when you actually want to look something up.
2)      Check for Wi-Fi first
An addendum to the above, when you do need to turn your data to check something, first check if there’s an open Wi-Fi network in range. Sometimes you might even be able to connect to closed ones, by looking for their passwords on publicly available sites (a lot of people intentionally publish their own networks there to aid random people passing by). 
3)      Turn off apps with background data usage
Do you really need to hear your device beep the instant someone likes your status on Facebook? The constant checking for updates from various apps running in the background, like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others, can really put a strain on your data usage.
4)      Get a traffic counter
Just search your relevant app store for a traffic counter app and get one. Don’t just trust what your phone has to say about the situation, especially if your carrier doesn’t offer any easily accessible traffic measuring tools.
5)      No video or music streaming unless you’re on Wi-Fi!
Media streaming can easily be the most draining activity for your data plan, and you should absolutely avoid it if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network. A single three-minute YouTube video can drain all your traffic nowadays, so you should think really carefully whether you can’t wait to see that funny cat compilation.
6)      Download maps locally
A common use for your smartphone’s mobile Internet is to check for directions to someplace with a navigation app. What many people don’t realize is that the popular map apps nowadays allow you to download a local copy of your area’s maps, so you don’t have to access them from the Internet every time you open the app. Do that the next time you’re on Wi-Fi – just remember that this usually doesn’t work for navigation, it still requires an active connection with most apps.

7)      Customize your phone’s auto-backup settings
All popular smartphones these days have features for automatically backing up your data. While this can be great, you should check your relevant app’s settings as soon as possible, and customize them so the app is only allowed to use Wi-Fi for uploading backups.
8)      Enable your browser’s mobile site preference
Most mobile browser apps today can render web pages like a regular desktop browser, and because of this, some of these apps request the standard desktop versions of the sites you visit by default. Mobile versions of websites are always optimized to reduce traffic usage, so check your browser’s settings to make sure that it always prefers mobile sites over desktop ones; and on the other hand, a properly developed website e.g sites like mobilephones.pk, gsmarena etc, will not be affected by your browser settings in any negative way even if they lack a mobile version.
9)      Check if your browser supports server compression
Server-assisted compression for mobile browsers isn’t a really new idea, but it’s been enjoying a re surge of popularity recently. The basic idea is that when you try to open a website, it goes through a separate server which compresses it first, and then sends the compressed version to your mobile browser. The service is typically free with the major browsers that support it, so check your app store to see if you can get a browser that can do that.
10)   Disable app updates over data connection
Some smartphones assume that you’re on an unlimited traffic plan, and have their apps’ update functionality enabled for any kind of connection by default. Obviously, downloading a 20 MB update for your favorite game isn’t exactly the best use for your precious data traffic if you’re not on an unlimited plan, so restrict your phone to only update apps when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.


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